Improving the Delta T

Improving the Delta T

Re thinking Water Distribution Water distribution systems can be considered as any other product that uses energy. As with any other product that uses energy a system can be graded as to the amount of energy used. If a water distribution system energy usage can be determined and compared an Energy Label can be given for similar water distribution system. The system can be evaluated for further work to see how the energy label can be improved. Improving the T would be a significant improvement. This could involve looking at way system rebalance to some major modifications.

Buildings use a large amount of Energy to make them habitable. A lot of that energy is distributed by water distribution systems. Water distribution systems use pipes. Installed Pipework is not something that can easily be changed or altered, without major distribution to those who use the building. The effectiveness of the pipework is determined by its original design and the valves used to balance and control the flow. Water Distribution Systems need to re thought and improve to increase the T.


Improving the Delta T in Existing Buildings

Re thinking Water Distribution If the number of buildings that are already built are considered, then there are substantially more buildings with existing pipework, existing manual balancing valves and existing control valves than new buildings. Efficient boilers and Chillers can be installed. Controls can be upgraded and new Controls added, but without complete refurbishment the existing pipework based on its original design, stays. This can be seen in countless of older buildings, even the old one pipe design of pipework can still be seen.

Existing Building owners understand the requirement for their building to become more efficient, there is significant interest in bring back the return water at the lower temperatures on heating and higher temperatures on the Chilled water. This is partly because of the increase in use of district heating and cooling systems.

Improving the Delta T in new Buildings

Re thinking Water Distribution New building designs, are expected to take into consideration the requirement to maximise energy savings and increase the flow and return water temperature difference. However, this is not always the case. The designer is always rewarded by over design and therefore using more energy. There are no real rewards to reduce the amount of energy used in buildings. Perhaps the threat of Legal action always keeps designers on the over cautious side.

Up until now, there has been an accepted method of how water distribution systems are designed. There have been some attempts by manufacturers to develop innovative valves and manifold solutions to measure flow to Terminal units and therefore have a better understanding of where the energy is being distributed. In some instances this has involved adding resistance that actually waste more energy.

Water Distribution of the future

Re thinking Water Distribution Water Distribution systems designs needs to be considered as any other major user of energy and rated accordingly using the Design label used and accepted on all products. Such as, boilers, pumps and Chillers. Consideration on to how to reduce the energy used in any pipe work system needs to be considered, whether the system has been installed for many years or is new system.

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