CPD Training

CPD Training

Sometimes the solution for the most energy efficiency system of the future can be found in the old type of systems of the past, but with new technology. Continual Professional Development CPD training seminars give new Engineers a better understanding of the history and practising engineers some of the latest innovations.

The history of water distribution system and Balancing valves have developed together to reduce commissioning time, improve comfort and save energy. As the water distribution system developed and pump design and control was improved the understanding of pressure generated by the pump was better understood.

MLowe Consulting CPD training are technical Power point presentation are supported by technical exercises that can allows a practical experience of the design.

  • Proportional Balancing Explained through calculation
  • History of system design and the development of balancing product
  • The detail operation application and operation of PICV valves
  • The detail design of system using PICV
  • The future of systems
  • A Case Study comparing different systems designs to evaluate Energy consumption

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