Standard Detail

Standard Detail

In 1997 a report of the Construction Task Force to the Deputy Prime Minister, on the scope for improving the quality and efficiency of UK Construction. The report titled ‘Rethinking Construction’ was the first step towards having a standard drawing, of standard equipment, installed in a standard way. This was the aim of three BSRIA projects, that looked at standard detail, looked at innovative products and efficiency of workers on site.
Since the year 2000 this concept has been part of M Lowe Consulting product development for water distribution systems.

The development of the PICV valve is a very good example of an innovative product that saves time on site. When the first designs of system using PICV valves were first drawn. The PICV valve full function, operation and location was not understood. It was sold as a replacement for a Two Port Control valve which had typical been installed in the return pipe work of water distribution system. The PICV valve could, when set correctly balance water flows. However, this understanding was sometimes missed and Balancing valves were installed.

The schematic diagrams below have been drawn with the purpose to give a Standard layout.

Legend of Symbols
To be read with Schematic
Typical Detail of Pumps
Risers and Branch valves
Heat Interface Units
Used in Apartments
Hot water tanks
Direct Feed Hot water
Terminal Unit Detail
PICV valve Flow Mounted
PICV Valve with 4 Port
Schematic Drawing
Showing how the individual schematics
are shown in one drawing
Apartment Detail
Heat Interface Unit Pump fed
Hot water supply
Heating Underfloor

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