Water distribution pipework systems design, historically have not changed. Almost all systems use a flow pipe to deliver the water and a return pipe to bring it back. The water balancing valve have in the same time frame, have been developed from a simple manual operated balancing valve with a fixed Orifice measurement to a sophisticated electronic flow measure and electronic regulation to achieve design flow.

If Engineers are serious about saving pump energy, dramatically want to reduce the return water temperatures on heating and increasing them on Chilled Circuit. Then other designs of pipework layouts are required to maximise energy usage. Improve Decisions made at about the design of water distrstage are the most important when it comes to the design of a water distribution system. energy efficiency, occupant comfort and operational costs.

M Lowe Consulting provides a one-stop-shop for water system design, balancing products and how to best included them in the design, while providing advice for improvement, including:

  • Information on the different pipe layout design and the features and benefits
  • Sizing and selection of pipework and Commissioning valves
  • Diversity of variable volume systems

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In a constantly progressing society, the industry has had to evolve alongside it to meet the ever changing requirements. It’s had to look for better ways to design its pipework to make sure that systems can always be optimised and needs are always met. What is the...

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