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Water Distribution Systems
A water distribution system is when assembled in a building, pressure tested filled with water and commissioned is like any other product that requires an Energy Label. The water distribution system made contain many products that have their own Energy label and will be considered as part of an Energy Label for the complete building. The missed opportunity the possible energy labelling of how the water is firstly distributed and secondly returned back to the boiler or Chiller.

It is understood that increasing the pipe diameters in a system for the design flow rates will reduce the pressure loss in the pipe, and hence the pump head can be reduced. Introducing Diversity into the system which reduces the amount of water circulating can also reduce the pump size and the energy it uses.

MLowe Consulting would like the water distribution installed in buildings be part of the Energy Label certification scheme for a building. Water distribution systems should be labelled accordingly. The rating should be dependent on the type of design, the sizing and layout of the pipe work and the method of control. The Energy Label would also include Control valves, balancing valves, pumps. Further consideration should be given to how the system is monitored, controlled and maintains the Delta T.

This website has been designed to explain and advise all those involved in Water Distribution systems. This involves education of the what is available. CPD training to explain the educational material and how that information can be used to improve a common problem with water distribution systems.

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