The EvoFLEX Fexible hoses are connecting hoses made by synthetic rubber and covered with a stainless steel braid to connect two pipe sections. High Flexibility and resistance make EvoFLEX hoses able to clear obstacles and make narrow turns operating in very demanding conditions. This product is often used as anti vibration device to stop vibration propagation generated by pressurized pipes or machines (pumps, chillers, fans). The high quality of materials allows to get excelent performances and one of longest product life on the market. Very various range of end connections, allows the customer to  find the most suitable solution for an installation application.

There are 4 different nominal diameters in the range: please always check if the combination tting size-nominal diameter is available for the selected tting; please refer to the following table. The nominal diameter corresponds to the internal diameter of the hose whereas the minimum area depends on the tting type.

Finally, each EvoFLEX Flexible hose can be covered by a thermal insulation made by cellular elastomer; the insulation is available in four different thicknesses.

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