HVAC Products

HVAC Products

MLowe Consulting has work to developed a range of innovative products for Consultants. Accessories and benefits to provide onsite solution to Contractors. 


  • Innovative Axial and Rotary Pressure Independent Control Valves design solutions to control and regulate flow
  • Complete range of innovative valves and connections that reduces the number of joints required.
  • Interchangeable Venturi to measure flow
  • A selection of plastics disc for the six way valve
  • A range of one piece and assembled flushing By-passes with different centre to centre and combined isolation valves

M Lowe Consultants has worked with range of Pressure Independent Control Valves or PICVs. They combine the functions of 3 different products – a differential pressure control valve, a regulating valve and a 2-port control valve – into a single multi-functional unit. Use of these valves in a commercial heating or cooling system allows comfort levels to be optimised at least cost, reducing ongoing energy consumption and improving the efficiency of the system to outstanding levels.

PCS Assemblies

M Lowe versatile range of valve assemblies for fan coils, chilled beams and other hydronic terminal units offers significant benefits over standard products – for specifiers, installers, commissioning engineers and building operators/ owners.

The valve assembly is a modular approach to meeting the flushing, flow balancing, isolation, and temperature control requirements of individual terminal units.

 Pre-fabricated valve assemblies ensure that everything required for a successful connection is supplied in one package. Furthermore, off-site assembly and testing reduces site time and virtually eliminates costly failures.

Units are available in manual/automatic/pressure independent characterised control valves, offering different levels of functionality to meet the needs and budgets of each project.

Flow Measurement


A range of Flow measurement devices include the innovative interchangeable valve is a single DZR brass body valve which includes venturi flow measurement, complete with test points.  A range of manual balancing valves (also known as commissioning valves) which comprises of a standard flow and low-flow combination venturi and profiled regulating ball valve. The profiled ball can be positioned to regulate the required design flow and the position locked by an adjustable memory stop.


A venturi is a device for measuring flow either integrated into a commission set or used independently in a circuit or sub-circuit. An added benefit of using a venturi is that a significant proportion of the pressure loss is recovered after flow has passed through it.


Typically, venturi’s give a higher signal for a given flow rate and have much better pressure recovery than other measuring devices, such as orifice plates, especially at lower flow rates. High pressure and energy recovery makes the venturi suitable where ultra low flow measurement is required.


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